Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ever wished those get glue stickers were REAL???

It may be the one little detail that could easily get lost in this press release, and yet could take this from being a fun scavenger hunt to an oh so cool bit of swag!  The Get Glue stickers that we are used to seeing digitally on our friends facebook pages *could* become real swag... if you play by the rules, have a lot of fun, and experience a lot of what the WB has to offer at Comic-Con.

Don't have a clue what we're talkin' about??  Take a look:


 Fans Checking-in on GetGlue to WBTV Series Panels at #WBSDCC Will
Unlock Unique Stickers and Can Get Bonus Stickers by Visiting the
Extra at Comic-Con®” Stage and the Warner Bros. Booth

 Collect Stickers for 666 Park Avenue, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, Cult, The Following,
Fringe, Nikita, Revolution, Supernatural
The Vampire Diaries,
Childrens Hospital, DC Nation 
and MAD
Twitter Pitch: Unlock unique @getglue stickers @Comic_Con when checking-in at Warner Bros. TV series panels: #WBSDCC #SDCC

BURBANK, Calif. (July 5, 2012) — Comic-Con just got even cooler. This year, fans at Comic-Con International: San Diego — and even fans who are enjoying the action from afar — can check-in on entertainment social network GetGlue to unlock one-of-a-kind stickers for Warner Bros. Television series at their Comic-Con panel sessions.

  • For a preview of the Fringe sticker, based upon the show’s Comic-Con 2012 poster designed by FOX, click here:

And if you forget to check-in at a panel because you got caught up in the excitement of seeing The Big Bang Theory cast in person or realized after seeing Nikita’s Maggie Q that looks really can kill, make like MAD’s Alfred E. Neuman and say, “What, me worry?” … because the special Comic-Con stickers will be available each day — for the duration of the day — during the Con on GetGlue, not simply for each individual event.

  • Join Ryan Hardy (star Kevin Bacon) in the hunt for serial killer Joe Carroll (star James Purefoy) with a special sticker for highly anticipated new drama The Following, from executive producer Kevin Williamson

  • See what stickers made it through the universal blackout with Revolution, from executive producer J.J. Abrams, Supernatural’s Eric Kripke and Iron Man’s Jon Favreau

  • Find out what lurks between universes — yet exists on GetGlue — when you unlock the Fringesticker

  • Check out comedy, music, video game demos and the Dark Knight’s ride at the Extra at Comic-Con stage located in Bayfront Park, and explore the custom surprises waiting when you check-in on GetGlue

  • And much more!

To unlock these special stickers created especially for #WBSDCC, check-in to the following series panels during Comic-Con at the links below on the dates provided. And don’t forget to check-in when you visit the Extra at Comic-Con outdoor stage or the Warner Bros. Booth. And remember: users of GetGlue will get actual stickers mailed to them after unlocking 20 virtual ones. Now that’s something you can’t put in your swag bag!

 (the above emphasis was ours, just to make sure you found what we were talking about.)






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