Saturday, July 14, 2012

Power Rangers - 20 Years

photos by Kay Kellam and Angie Gallegos
Different companies, and products at Comic-Con will try different things to draw attention, and traffic to their booths... some will simply hand free bits of paper to you every time you walk by, even when you try shaking your head and politely declining, because they have more than they know what to do with. Others will give you a pop quiz and if you answer 10 questions right you win a prize.

When it came to celebrating 20 years of Power Rangers at the 2012 Comic-Con there was a post card that had spots on it where you collected stamps from each of multiple vendors at con who had Power Rangers related products at their booths. It sent you all over the hall on a scavenger hunt of sorts, all culminating in your needing to be at the corner of 5th and J street at noon on the 14th if you wanted your free t-shirt.

Doesn't sound too impressive? What if I mention some of the actors who are Power Rangers on tv are going to come and charm the kids? Pose for pictures? Give them hugs? And general enchant one and all?

These actors went above and beyond in embracing the fans who showed up in noon-time sun to find out what was going to happen when they presented their stamped postcards at the mural on the corner of the street... though perhaps I should have known it was going to be something above average when someone told me they thought the actors were arriving and I glanced over in time to see a man doing a FLIP from whatever vehicle he had arrived in down to the ground. I will never again question if he does at least some of his own stunts!

Some of the kids near at hand were too shy to even reach out to shake hands with the actors, but they quickly came down to kids-eye-level and put them at ease. It was a joy to watch these actors so clearly delight in their school age fans. There was picture posing, and toys being handed out, and, of course, the t-shirts everyone had been promised.